Institutional partnership to combat climate change


Climate change, pollution and shortage of water and deforestation are global challenges with no parallel which demands a systemic change on business management, creating pressure on companies for disclosure of corporate information about it.

Nowadays the climate change impacts are no longer an exclusively environmental concern, but also as a factor of generation or protection of value under demand of investors and supply management.


We initiated our partnership with CDP – Disclosure, Insight, Action in 2014 for the long term strategic planning in Brazil and became scorer’s partners on evaluation of companies responses to Climate Change, Water and Forests questionnaires. CDP has a protocol for gathering of information through questionnaires which generates insights to understand risks, opportunities and environmental impacts. CDP information are available on Bloomberg Terminals, Google Finance, and other finance information platforms.

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Throughout this partnership and other climate change consultancy projects, we developed a methodology for financial quantification of climate change risks and opportunities. Climate risk valuation guide investors and publicly traded companies in assessing climate risks through their entire value chain. In addition, with the experience acquired with our assessment of hundreds responses to the questionnaires, we conduct trainings about CDP’s methodology to suppliers and help organizations answering the CDP’s questionnaires.

We also promote engagement on the impacts of climate change, water and forests issues by collecting and analyzing environmental data to inform decisions making on global investments, assets management and suppliers acquisitions.


As a result, we scored more than 500 responses to the questionnaires in Latin America, contributing for disclosure of ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance information to the market reflecting natural resources management effectiveness.

We noted a significant improvement in addressing difficulty points such as financial reporting of risks and opportunities, the connection of themes with business strategy and the identification of the physical risks of climate change, as well as outstanding results on more traditional aspects of climate change management such as GHG emissions inventory, goals and advance in renewable energy use.

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