Supply Chain Qualification, Development and Risk Management


Duratex is the largest producer of manufactured wood panels, sanitary ware and metals in the southern hemisphere, a leader in the Brazilian market of laminated floors and one of the leading producers of ceramic tiles in the country.

As a market leader, has their responsibilities augmented and proportional risks, founding great challenges in different areas, especially on their suppliers chain management.

Important initiatives addressing suppliers development, regarding preventing actions toward non compliance, and management and mitigation of human resources issues impact, of health and safety, environment and relationship with local communities, were paramount to create, among Duratex’s suppliers, a new perspective towards supply chain management programs. It was necessary to change the reactive culture which those programs usually arouse and engage the suppliers as catalysts of change, bringing their participation on the stage.


We have participated in the creation of GFD – Gestão de Fornecedores Duratex (Duratex Suppliers Management) Program and continuum development since 2012, advising on implementing actions, processes and innovations during the program, expanding criteria and qualifying performance expressively in two major areas:

Risk Management:

Through a structured management, monitoring compliance regulatory and legal actions, both legal and operational

Suppliers Development:

Providing consultancy from analysis, diagnostic and survey for implementation of suppliers support solutions, as process, methodologies and practices development and also guidance about guidelines compliance for ISO 20400 norm.


The GFD has been presenting constant evolutions of its participants, proved through results on suppliers’ performance with recurring participation in the program along its execution.

Duratex’s Annual Report disclosures to the market and society how the company generates value for all their stakeholders, through its processes, products and services, including GFD program performance analysis.

The results demonstrated by the program, gathered by data compilation and analytical information, allow a broad perspective of how risks are managed and how economics, social and environmental business benefits are amplified, also guiding plans and goals of the program in accordance with strategy, investments and management practices of the company.


Em 2017, a Duratex venceu o Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade na categoria Materiais de Construção, sendo considerada a empresa modelo do setor no Brasil. Esta é a terceira vez que a empresa conquista o prêmio e, pelo 9º ano seguido, foi selecionada para integrar a carteira do Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial da BM&FBovespa (ISE 2016/2017), entre outros.

Fruto do GFD, em 2014 foi lançado o Prêmio Melhores Fornecedores, que reconhece os parceiros mais engajados com os planos de ação e qualificação do seu negócio. Além da premiação para cada setor de atuação (dividido entre PME e Grande Empresa), são reconhecidos também os fornecedores mais atuantes na implementação das práticas do programa e também o mais comprometido no combate à Exploração Sexual de Crianças e Adolescentes, em sinergia com o programa Na Mão Certa, da Childhood Brasil, do qual a Duratex é signatária desde 2007.

  • Gestão Origami is highly regarded, especially due the people who form the company. With a very high level of competence, delivery and knowledge.

    Sustainability Manager Duratex